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Rosa Parks

Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

Awards and Formal Recognitions
Brief Biography
The Day On The Bus
Effects of the Incident
Awards and Formal Recognitions
They Took A Stand Too...
Rosa's Legacy

     Over the years Rosa Parks has recieved many prestigious awards and honors for her continuing efforts in creating a racially equal society across the United States. Rosa's awards span across her entire lifetime, showing that her efforts were not only recognized in immediate gratification, but continually, from the point of her taking a stand to the end of her lifetime.

Spingarn Medal (1979)- Awarded annually by the NAACP to black Americans for their outstanding achievements

Martin Luther King Jr. Award (1980)- Presented to citizens with remarkable leadership and inspirational qualities

Ebony's Service Award (1980)- Granted to influential women in America 

Martin Luther King Jr. Nonviolent Peace Prize (1980)- Awarded to those who practiced nonviolence in their efforts to change America

Eleanor Roosevelt Women of Courage Award (1984)- Rendered to those who act upon courage and take a stand

Ellis Island Medal of Honor (1986)- Presented to citizens who contributed to society

Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award (1987)- Recognizes people of the Babson Community who follow Dr. King's ideals and morals

Roger Baldwin Award of the ACLU (1987)- Given every year to people who made a significant contribution to civil liberties in Maine  

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Legislative Achievement Award (1990)- Annually awarded to citizens that affected the lives of African Americans in a positive manner

Medal of Freedom Award- presented by former President Clinton (1996)-Awarded to those who deserve acknowledgment and respect in their efforts in created a racially equal America

Lifetime Achievement Award (1997)- Honors members of society who have made lifetime contributions to the community

US Congressional Gold Medal of Honor (1999)- The highest civilian award given in the United States to acknowledge those who have demonstrated outstanding deeds

Time Magazine chose Rosa Parks as one of the Heroes & Icons of the 20th Century


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Pictured to the left is Rosa Parks receiving her Roger Baldwin Award of the ACLU Massachusetts in 1987

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Pictured above, Rosa Parks is receiving the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award presented by Congress. (1999)