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Rosa Parks

Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

They Took A Stand Too...
Brief Biography
The Day On The Bus
Effects of the Incident
Awards and Formal Recognitions
They Took A Stand Too...
Rosa's Legacy

     Below are examples of additional leaders and influential figures that assisted in the fight for racial equality. Although their contributions were supportive in this struggle, without Rosa Parks' initial stand, none would have had the inspiration to continue on the path towards civil peace and equality.

Martin Luther King Jr.
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Martin Luther King Junior's actions were extremely significant towards the progression in the fight for racial equality. However, without Parks taking the stand that she did, King would not have been inspired to take as many astounding strides in the Civil Rights Movement.

Jesse Jackson
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Another important character in the fight for racial parity was Jesse Jackson. He was one of many to effectively follow Rosa Parks.

Malcolm X
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Malcolm X was a notable figure in the fight for racial equality. He led many rallies and delivered many speeches during the 1960's, after Rosa's stand in 1955.

James Meredith
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During the mid-1960's, James Meredith was very active in civil rights efforts. He was especially interested in protecting innocent blacks from unjust lynching. Although his efforts were brave and valiant, James Meredith's actions did not have the same effect as Rosa's, for all of his actions would have been delayed, or possibly nonexistent, without Rosa's initial stand.