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Rosa Parks

Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

Rosa's Legacy
Brief Biography
The Day On The Bus
Effects of the Incident
Awards and Formal Recognitions
They Took A Stand Too...
Rosa's Legacy

     Although Rosa Parks has passed away, her memory lives on in many forms. Because of her amazing contributions to all of society and her unique ability to take a stand, Rosa Parks' death was widely mourned. Below are pictures and explanations that elucidate the ways that Rosa's spirit has survived beyond her death.

Rosa Parks Day
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On December 1st, New York citizens celebrate Rosa Parks Day in honor of her achievements.

Headlines of Rosa's Death
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Much attention was brought to the death of Rosa Parks because of her bravery and ability to take a stand when no one else would.

Super Bowl XL
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Rosa Parks is honored at the most recent Super Bowl with a moment of silence before the game.

Rosa's Funeral
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Many important figures of society paid tribute to Rosa Parks at her funeral. Former President Bill Clinton, in his eloquent speech, described, "Rosa Parks ignited the most significant social movement in modern American history to finish the work that spawned the Civil War..." He also recalls from the 1999 State of the Union Address, "...Democrats and Republicans alike rose as one to recognize that she has made us all better people and a better country."